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Avia, hotels and deposits with a good discount from Serggik00

Discussion in 'BUY AND SELL ANYTHING' started by Serggik00, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Serggik00

    Serggik00 New Member

  2. Serggik00

    Serggik00 New Member

  3. Serggik00

    Serggik00 New Member

    welcome to everyonе

    Today I will tell you a terrible story, how I hung the "SCAM" icon in my telegram and my Chanel was deleded with reviews of my service! There was about 7,000 subscribers on the channel.

    It was a beautiful day and nothing foreshadowed trouble! Around lunchtime Moscow time A lot of people with whom I have been working for years starting write to me with the words: "Serge, what for did you have Scam icon!?
    At first I do not understand what is happening, but then it all became clear to me - I was given a SCAM ICON.

    It looks like this:


    This is not the end of the story .... my administrator of our tourism channel with discounts wrote to me:
    - NO CHANNEL! It was removed! As you already understood, the channel was deleted because of complaints.

    I was the creator of the channel - got the icon "scam".

    But not only I get this icon !!! all channel admins also have scam icon ! then it turned out that everyone got restrictions on creating groups / chats, etc:


    Now you can only write me using a direct link:

    And nothing else in the search for the Telegram, I do not display, there are only fakes:


    I began to study this topic !! why it happened and how to deal with it ?? It turned out that the telegram is now fighting with carders. And some bad people made a complaint about the channel! And everything turned out as I said above!
    I received a lot of new information, how to do this so that it would not happen again.

    Now I am negotiating with Telegram about the removal of this "SCAM" badge.

    I warn everyone !!! everyone can face it!

    Take care of yourself and your business!

    With our service is always safe and profitable, we will always choose the option you need! (https://telegram.me/serggik00)
    You can write all questions to support who speaks English in telegram (https://t.me/zloi_negr)