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CirCarLife SCADA Scraper V1 - Smart Solution to charge electronic cars

Discussion in 'Apps' started by ckoie, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. ckoie

    ckoie New Member


    CirCarLife SCADA is a smart solution to charge electronic cars. In spanish "Soluciones de recarga inteligente de vehículos eléctricos".

    CirCarLife SCADA Scraper V1 is just a program to retrieve online connected CirCarLife devices. In the admin panel of CirCarLife you can't do much but you can make it unusable by changing the settings and password protect with a diferent password. This will force the owner to send the device to the manufacture for repair as there isn't a factory reset feature.

    This program is part of the "Simple Active Bot" licensed to this forum. Due to the numerous hacks and features of this bot, Simple Active Bot will go private and it costs a hopping €1500 for a copy. The price is fair and all files must be analysed before execution because they are "Active". This means in some cases that just launching blindly the interface will result in phisical hardware damage.


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  2. blackhat

    blackhat Administrator Staff Member