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FREE Are You Ready? A web hacking challenge site. Start solving challenges.

Discussion in 'Web and Software Project' started by blackhat, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. blackhat

    blackhat Administrator Staff Member

    1. For the people not familiar with challenge sites, a challenge site is mainly a site focussed on offering computer-related problems. Users can register at such a site and start solving challenges. There exist lots of different challenge types. The most common ones are the following: Cryptographic, Crackit, Steganography, Programming, Logic and Math/Science. The difficulty of these challenges vary as well.
    2. When I first started out I was familiar with working with a computer, but that was about it. In about 5 years I roamed the internet searching for different kind of challenge sites. I have played at many different sites, did a lot of challenges and I am still learning new (and exciting) stuff.
    • I also found an IRC network where most of the bigger challenge sites have their own IRC channel. These channels often have bots allowing users to check how other people are ranked at a certain site, or sites. From time to time the screens are filled with these simple requests. That is the reason I started coding this site. It allows the users to get a complete overview of a users challenge history on every site he signed up for. Now how does this work exactly?
    • A user on this site can indicate which challenge sites he plays at with a specific username. Challenge sites can be selected from a simple drop-down list. His profile page will then contain an entry for this specific challenge site with the given username, along with some text describing how high he is ranked at that site. This will give a complete overview of one user in an instance.
    • Please forgive me if the list is not complete. There are lots of challenge sites out there and probably lots of them I do not know about. I will try to give a complete list of challenge sites to choose from, and I will also provide a piece of code for challenge site owners so that their site can be listed on this site as well. source : http://www.wechall.net
    57 Active Sites From http://www.wechall.net
    1. World of Wargame
    2. WeChall
    3. TheBlackSheep
    4. Rankk
    5. Electrica
    6. Happy-Security
    7. NewbieContest
    8. LOST-Chall
    9. Yashira
    10. BrainQuest
    11. Net-Force
    12. HackThisSite
    13. ThisisLegal.com
    14. elhacker.net
    15. TryThis0ne
    16. TDHack
    17. +Ma's Reversing
    18. hax.tor.hu
    19. Hacker.org
    20. RoseCode
    21. HackBBS
    22. Security Traps
    23. Root-Me
    24. SPOJ
    25. Revolution Elite
    26. W3Challs
    27. Gekkó
    28. Webhacking.kr
    29. µContest
    30. wargame.kr
    31. Valhalla
    32. hacking.allowed.org
    33. Reversing.Kr
    34. SuNiNaTaS
    35. Yoire
    36. wixxerd.com
    37. Hacking-Challenges
    38. OverTheWire.org
    39. RedTigers Hackit
    40. Tasteless
    41. HackThis!!
    42. Mod-X
    43. Omega Project
    44. Disavowed.net
    45. Stereotyped Challenges
    46. ae27ff
    47. pwnable.kr
    48. Challengeland
    49. RingZer0 Team Online CTF
    50. Solve Me
    51. Hacker Gateway
    52. NOE.systems
    53. pwnable.tw
    54. hackburger
    55. Hack The Box
    56. try to decrypt
    57. CTFS.ME